Aga of Defenders for Android

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Aga of Defenders is actually real-time on the internet structure protection technique. 2 gamers contend towards one another. These people each construct models (atmosphere as well as floor automobiles) with regard to targeting the actual adversary plus they each construct systems with regard to protecting their own bottom.

You'll be able to arranged waypoints from the targeting models so that they prevent structure protection as well as ruin enemy´s bottom. Therefore help to make sensible choices whilst creating your own structure protection. Destroy your enemy base. Simple as that.

All the armored units shoot at the towers with lowest health within their firing range

Suicide buggy

Low-health, but cheap and fast ground unit loaded with explosives. It does kamikaze when you need to set waypoint on the building you would like to destroy.

Armed buggy

Fast ground unit that shoot at nearby towers. Has better armor than suicide buggy, bot costs more.


Slow and expensive, but with huge cannon. Great for destroying towers.

Battering ram

Very slow ground unit with very thick armor, ramming and destroying towers built in high density.

Kamikaze jet

Low armor, but cheap and fast air force trying to kamikaze everything that stands on its waypoint.


Lord of the sky. Slow air force able to shoot at nearby towers, can cause you serious troubles.

Game features:

• Multiplayer mode – challenge players worldwide
• Five single player campaign with Easy and Hard difficulty
• 6 tower types for your protection
• 6 unit types for conquering anybody who dares to stand against you
• Charming graphics
• Atmospheric music
• Amazing gameplay providing lot of entertainment!


large screen tablet
display resolution 1280x800
hardware at least 1GHz CPU with 1 GB RAM

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