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Could possibly be sweet, could possibly be light and they also love to enjoy. Sweet, light and also longing for your current feel. Care for a group regarding cheerful little sheep. Nourish these, play with these, hook up pairs to generate offspring and become the best shepherd of all time.

Clouds & Sheep is a wonderful sandbox game offering, properly, clouds and also sheep. Too much sweet sheep. The particular laid-back rate, calm gameplay and also cheerful graphics make Clouds & Sheep an ideal game regarding casual game enthusiasts, and also much more serious game enthusiasts who wish to take a break from your wanton slaughter and also crushing problems regarding a lot more hardcore game titles.
Should you keep your woollen fluff tennis balls well-fed, healthy and also interested, might reward you with Satisfied Points and make a lot of little infant sheep. 

Should you overlook these, the particular bleating ingrates may glower at you as well as have the sensors to be able to expire off! Luckily, it is possible to spend your current Satisfied Points on lots of different items that make your existence easier.

An excellent shepherd cares for his or her sheep, especially when could possibly be since sweet as this particular group. There exists one problem, though: cheerful as they could be, they’re not very smart. When there's a poisonous mushroom, might eat it. When the sunshine is shining, might just stay presently there until they have a heatstroke : and when the weather becomes bad, might happily stand in the particular rain until they will catch a cold.

So in addition to supplying for simple needs like food and water, you'll also have to save these using their very own stupidity. It’s not all perform, though, there is also plenty of enjoy! The particular walking tennis balls regarding constructed from wool love it once you enjoy and also interact with these and also that’s fun and satisfying in its very own right.


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