Great Little War Game for Android

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Get into your own nearby neighbours, distribute chaos as well as damage, consume just a little green tea. GLWG may be the strike 3D turn-based technique video game which everybody's speaking about. Having a distinctive humorous design and many of snickers as well as exhilaration, likely to continually come again as well as once again with regard to "just another proceed.

 Get control of the military as well as fight the actual opponent upon property, ocean as well as air flow however make sure to create sensible choices while you proceed. You would like to set up your own troops to consider complete benefit of the larger landscape, organic choke factors, wait places as well as protective wall space. Have it correct and also the crooks will mislay for your exceptional technique abilities.

- Campaign mode
- Multiplayer mode
- Skirmish mode
- openFeint achievements
- Four difficulty settings
- Lush visuals
- Full 3D terrain affects gameplay
- Simple control method
- Lots of units
- Lots of terrain types
- High replayability
- Tons of humour
- Absolutely no birds or zombies

VERSION: 1.1.1
What's in this version:
  • Point release with additional support for Xperia PLAY devices.
  • Changed description text for Standard Campaign
  • Added support for Vizio tablets and all devices with Marvell chipsets.

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