Download CHAOS RINGS II 1.0.0 for Iphone Ipad

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The latest add-on for the worldwide acclaimed RPG series Damage Rings has arrived! Explore a engaging new experience and also brand-new game system in this particular newest installation!

Time is stagnant; the particular Destroyer has pressured the planet for the brink regarding devastation. In this particular desolate era, Darwin, the particular chosen one particular, discovers his or her fate; he must slaughter the particular sacrifices and offer their souls, all to be able to salvage the planet.

Chaos Rings II has the very same simple mechanics because the authentic. Battles are usually turn-based together with celebrations regarding just two. Random incurs initiate battles in the crazy and also, like additional latest Square Enix RPGs, the final of each battle fully refills HP and also cancels any reputation health conditions.

 The particular Genes of the 1st game have now been substituted simply by magic skills called Sopia, and also Introduction skills, which are fundamentally standard RPG summons. Characters can also fill a meter during battle for very own special Awake skills, which enable huge attack damage or perhaps fast healing. Each character earns additional Awake skills as they stage way up.

Chaos Rings II is far more fully-featured than the authentic. Is actually visually stunning, the particular battle system has been broadened, and also will be certainly a lot more to view and do. Switching involving the new types of skills adds a much-needed amount of variant to be able to battles, and also merging different Sopia to be able to counteract adversary strengths and weaknesses delivers a complete new level regarding approach.

While gameplay has been sophisticated, the story never ever pretty actually reaches it is potential. Is actually exciting following Darwin's pursuit, researching his or her involvement together with each of the people he must give up, but the scenario is told almost entirely by means of clunky expository dialogue. Chaos Rings II features voice acting, but only in Japoneses, rather than being able to understand conversations helps prevent the game from having any kind of major emotional impact.

A storyline molded by the player's choices
Hidden bosses and endings
Enhanced graphics using a new rendering engine
A strategic new battle system
An array of character voices and music

Support : iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation) and iPad.Requires iOS 4.0 or later.


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