Glu Contract Killer for Android

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Run a secret mission to kill the mafia boss. you will feel a special forces sniper.Taken in to a world of bounty hunters, mobsters and also bad guys, you need to check in along with your buddies and also take magic formula missions that only it is possible to deal with. Select your current weapon of choice from an supply regarding sniper rifles, strike rifles and also machine firearms.

 Locate your current target, zoom lens in, consider goal and also go fro the particular headshot to be able to make cool hard cash. You might remove a crime employer and also escape without being identified, or you might walk straight into an ambush.

Prepare for your current quest and after that bounce into one of several vantage points within 5 gritty 3D locations. together with 17 Story Missions and also unlimited Random Missions supply cash, XP and lots of actions, 20 specific weapons which includes handguns, sniper rifles, machine firearms and also strike rifles, Utilize the Tranquilizer Gun to capture your current target or perhaps put them lower permanently.

On February 24, 2012 update 1.5.2

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