Lord of Vermilion come to Android and iphone

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Square Enix Co., Ltd. at "Mobage" version feature phones / smartphones, and starteddelivery of the "Lord of Vermilion Neri" RPG from the date of April 25. The fee is free,pay-per-item business model. Compatible models, feature phones / iPhone / Android.

"Neri Lord of Vermillion", the "Lord of Vermilion" for arcade card battle RPG seriesalong the lines of (LoV below). The biggest feature has become a prominent illustratorillustration of a card by a profound view of the world and was followed the series. Cards,are provided hundreds of objects and has been included in the version AC, such as those drawn.

In the future, and various versions up "eclipse" event aimed at the annihilation of RaidBattle huge monsters to progress from a different world, such as interlocking elementsof arcade bunt has been scheduled.

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