N. O. V. A. 3 Come to android and iphone IOS

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Leading mobile game publisher Gameloft has confirmed the presence of a third title of their sci-fi shooter series, Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance (NOVA). NOVA entitled Game 3 has been officially announced and is coming to Android and Iphone devices.

Whereas the first N. O. V. A., with its regenerating shield and also blue AI partner, was Gameloft's attempt for mugging Halo, N. O. V. A. 3 is solidly focusing on visual giant Crysis.

From the re-designed look with collection star Kal Warden right through to the curly organic-meets-metal design of your primary enemies, there's no getting away the fact that the programmer offers looked once more to a very hot console building regarding inspiration.

It also displays hexagons in the edges of the display when you obtain shot, contacting up the nanosuit of the gaming console game.

But let's press aside the particular cloning debate for any second, because, while it might bear a strong likeness to be able to Crytek's opus throughout the initial phases of the game, N. O. V. A. 3 looks like an additional solid advancement for the carrier's premium first-person shooters.

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