Ninja Saga 1.2.14 for Ipad Ipod Iphone

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Ninja Saga was first released on facebook and it is now on iPhone too! This is a RPG game
which let you create an unique ninja to explore the ninja world. Enjoy the new experience and build an adventure in your own hands.

In the terrain regarding Shinobi, you happen to be just graduated from schools and start your existence as being a ninja. Sadly, your home community is under attack by a puzzle push. Your home community is in threat! Is it possible to learn the reason and also save your community? Gear way up yourself and start a new journey to your best goal.

Ancient Creatures event started!
- Brand new mission
- New FREE pet
- Rare ancient pet available NOW

* Features
- Customize your ninja with tons of weapons, outfits and even Ninjutsu!
- Team up with three ninja
- Five Ninjutsu elements of your choices.
- Build up your attributes to become the way you want to
- Upgrade your favorite Skill
- Random Map Generation
- Player vs Player Battle (Blue Tooth)
- Unique collectables from enemies
- Regular updates

* Updates in future:
- Support Clan war
- Group hunting with your friends
- Player vs Player Battle (WiFi)
- Jounin Exam


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