PES 2013 for Android Ipad Iphone is coming soon

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In a press release from Konami explained there are new elements that fruit comes into innovation Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 this time, which include the PES Full Control, Player ID and ProActive AI.

PES Full Control, as the name suggests is a feature that will give you control a better play, and greater freedom to control the ball. In this feature there called Dynamic First Touch to make a more subtle movements, such as when receiving the ball, out of the trap, giving feedback to the attacker, and various other movements.

There are also features Full Manual Shooting, Passing Full Manual, Full Manual for One-Two one-two passing play while playing a full tactic, Response Defending and improving the control Goalkeepers or goalkeeper.

The second element is named Player ID is focused on individual skills and movements of soccer players. Divided into Player Individuality and Individuality to Goalkeepers. Various attributes that are recognized, and trick the different skills of each player will be present. How do they run, carrying the ball, shoot the ball to celebrate the work force was created. For the goalkeeper is how they do the rescue and get the reaction when the enemy attacks.

The third element is the ProActive AI with a realism that brings together the existing controls on the football field. These features are present such as Balance of Play, Tactical Enhanced Precision and Goalkeepers. All three are present to further balance the game, fix the things that can not happen in an actual football game, and improve the AI of the goalkeeper as the reaction, the effectiveness of play and how to send the ball into center field better.

PES 2013 for Iphone, Android is Cooming Soon.

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