Angry Birds Space HD 1.3.0 for Kindle Fire

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Blast off to the ultimate frontier along with your favorite avian avengers! The particular Angry Birds are usually back, and this time even the World aren't include their fury.

Angry Birds Space, the particular all-new experience from Rovio, takes you to be able to right to the particular cosmos, where the feathers always take flight. This time around, the particular acquainted physics-based gameplay of the authentic Angry Birds games has a NASA-style perspective: the particular birds' slingshot trajectories are affected by different gravitational job areas as they find the way planets, black openings, stars, and more.

Angry Birds Space features 80 interstellar levels on celestial physiques and in no gravity, resulting in spectacular gameplay ranging from slow-motion puzzles to be able to lightspeed devastation. Together with regular free of charge improvements, brand-new chickens, brand-new super capabilities, and also a whole galaxy to explore, the particular heavens is no longer the particular limit.

What's new in version Angry Birds Space HD 1.3.0
  • NASA and Angry Birds team up for the most epic episode yet! The piggies have hijacked the Curiosity Mars Rover -- but instead of searching for ice crystals, they're looking for eggs!
  • Blast through 20 fiery levels on the red planet, plus two antenna egg levels!
  • Dodge explosive volcanoes and fire asteroids!
  • Say hello to the brand new astronaut pig!
  • Find three hidden rovers and landers to open special bonus levels and discover more about the NASA missions.

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