Harry Potter Mastering Magic Java Game

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Download Harry Potter Mastering Magic Java Game
Grasp Magic, Discover Potions, Bracelets and more when you attend Hogwarts™ in this particular modern Harry Potter portable game! Be ready to be able to obstacle your mind and also progress by means of Harry's fifth 12 months. Enjoy since Harry, Ron or perhaps Hermione and strive to earn the particular coveted Studious Success Glass, awarded for the pupil who achieves the best signifies in the different Hogwarts classes and also O. W. D. t. Training wizard classes and complete exams, track your performance and perfect your current magical skills. Get the new Harry Potter portable game today.

Features may vary by handset
Learn wizardry at Hogwarts. Learn a wide range of skills, including Herbology, Charms, Transfiguration, Potions and more.
Play as Harry, Ron or Hermione. Experience the magical world of Hogwarts™ as your favorite Harry Potter character
Meet other memorable characters from Harry's fifth year. Get direction from Dumbledore and encouragement from McGonagall but watch out for Umbridge!
Take practice classes and complete exams. Track your performance, and see how you're doing as you sit your O.W.L.s and win the coveted Studious Success Cup
Master powerful magic with your friends. Get together with a friend and challenge each other using the same phone.


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