Java Game Dogz 2

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Dogz 2 is pet game from gameloft, support full touchscreen device like Samsung , Nokia, Lg, Sony Erricsson 320x240 , 240x400.

You’ve waited a long time to have a pet, but you can finally embrace the particular puppy dogs you’ve always wanted. Which will you choose? That frisky beagle, the particular lonely chowchow in the spot, or perhaps the stunning labrador? Why don't deliver all three home together with you?

It’s going to take a lot of perform to help keep these dogs satisfied and also healthy, as well as educate those to get along together, but the rewards will be their never-ending adore and also devotion. It’s not just a game; it is a portable pet simulator that downloads right onto your telephone.

Raise up to 3 endearing and affectionate dogs at the same time and watch them interact!
Choose from 9 lovable puppies among 3 breeds, each with a unique personality (lazy, active, cuddly, etc.)
Isometric view to better see environments, plus a 3D view of your dogs for petting, washing or playing.
See your dogs grow in various locations, including the park, the beach, and your own customizable house.
Teach them tricks, play games, challenge other owners, and compete at the stadium.
Take care of more than just their needs: use rewards and punishment to make and break their habits.


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