Java Game The Oregon Trail: Gold Rush

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Java Game The Oregon Trail: Gold Rush

Embark on a new journey to be able to American The usa.Relive the particular journeys regarding migrating pioneers around the trail for the California Gold Rush inside a new traveling map based on the historic American period pursuing the Oregon Trail. Go through the very same succeeding decision-making formula of the first game you love and ensure the safety of your wagon. Prospect a new party alongside an arduous journey: Combination diverse surfaces, face capricious random events, and also meet up with different historic characters when you collect testimonies kept by the party from your prior Oregon Trail portable game.



Cross diverse landscapes & terrains: plains, mountains, desert, badlands, canyons, and forests.
9 skill-based activities that impact your resources: Hunting, telegraphing, gold panning and more!
Anticipate unfavorable events (tornadoes, attacks, etc.) and react quickly to avoid setbacks.
Encounter historic sites & characters to learn about American history and the hardships of the road.
Compare your stats with other players on the online leaderboard.
Ties to the first Oregon Trail mobile game: Collect hints & tips from the previous party.



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