Retired Wizard Story 1.7 apk Android

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Once I got the very best wizard in this particular kingdom. But I left behind wealth and also respect to live an ordinary existence within my hometown. Since I came back home, I started boosting sheep on a small farm. On a boring afternoon, I used a speaking spell for the sheep. Suddenly, the particular sheep started acting like human beings and also escaping from the particular farm. I need to make use of different magic spells to alter these to their authentic state before the sheep owner realizes. Otherwise, everyone will find out there that I was the finest wizard of the kingdom and I will not be capable of live an ordinary existence within my hometown.

How to play
- Using spells and items, stop enchanted sheep from escaping.
- Normal magic deals damage by touching the target.
- Continuous magic deals damage by touching and holding the target.
- Special magic deals damage to all enemies for a period of time.
- Mana potions, Power-up items, and Freeze items are permanent to use.
- A mana potion regenerates your mana by 50% of full mana.
- A power-up item increases the magic power of all spells for a period of time.
- A freeze item freezes all enemies for a period of time.

- Daily free bonus.
- 10 chapters, 100 stages
- cute game characters in each chapter.
- simple and easy control
- various upgrade systems

What's in this version 1.7 :
Gift creation function is added.
(You can send 500 diamonds your friend.)
more free bug fix

Price : Free



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