Cubie Messenger 1.0.192 apk

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Messaging beyond chat ! have fun sending funny stickers, emoji, videos, photos plus your own picture messages for free. join cubie messenger’s world community of over 6 million users currently.
cubie messenger may be a multimedia rich chat application, excellent according to your needs and your mates to actually send one another cute emoji, animated stickers, photos and drawings with ease because you chat. can’t talk ? send a sticker !
rated prime app overall in malaysia, thailand, saudi arabia and of course the uae, and of course the prime social networking app in over 10 countries. this lots of individuals cant be wrong. text is boring, therefore we’ve made it fun.

Cubie Messenger 1.0.192 :
* Free text/SMS messages. Tons of cute emoticons and smileys.
* Loads of funny animated sticker sets. Designed exclusively for Cubie.
* Drawing Board. Get creative by adding emoticons, stickers, text or doodles.
* Drawing remix. Edit and enhance a friend’s previous drawing, it's so much fun!
* Group Chat with up to 100 people.
* Share photos, drawings and videos easily with one tap.
* Record and send voice messages.
* Share your location and draw routes on maps!
* Send whispers to friends that disappear after a few seconds!
* View and share YouTube videos.
* Log in with Facebook
* Backup Chat History

What's in this version:
* YouTube support
* Photo descriptions
* Performance enhancements
* More cute emojis
* Space is closing

Cubie Messenger 1.0.192 apk

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