Java Games Alien Quarantine from gameloft

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Live out your most frightening nightmare as youre forced out to fight endless hordes of area horrors out to survive. just like a desperate mercenary, you should overcome a big choice of daunting challenges each within a spaceship and connected to burning red planet. Unlock powerful weapons and let your worry take over through impressive rendering of light-weight and shadows. and remember, you never recognize whats hiding within the dark.

The most intense space survival horror game available for your phone, and it's FREE!
Explore richly detailed environments, from an abandoned spaceship to an inhospitable planet
Fear-inducing environments: Beware of every shadow, as you never know what might be lurking within.
Overcome daunting challenges across highly detailed and immersive levels.
Fight back using a wide range of weapons to annihilate and dismember your enemies


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