Capcom, iOS "MARVEL VS CAPCOM 2 -. New Age of Heroes -" IOS version

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Capcom delivery of "MARVEL VS CAPCOM 2 New Age of Heroes for iOS start from the end of April the. Price to be determined. And later supported OS iOS 5.0, since the corresponding model iPhone 4, fourth-generation iPod touch, since the iPad 2.

"MARVEL VS. CAPCOM 2", the hero of MARVEL and Capcom bring together, the action of intense fights fighting anything goes. Ingenuity has been able to play easily with the touch screen.

Although the advent of a number of hero, it is currently known from MARVEL appeared Wolverine, Spider-Man, Captain America, Cyclops, mallow, Iceman, Dr. Doom, Hulk, cable, Venom, Psylocke, and Rogue. From Capcom has become Liu, Strider Hiryu, Guile, Sakura, Sonson, Tron, Hayato, Zangief, Rubyi Heart, Anakaris, Amingo, and Jill Valentine.

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