Sega, iOS "demon War one hundred Emaki" Started broadcasting their third in the series "Emaki War"

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SEGA is initiated at the AppStore from the date of April 26, the delivery of defense strategy against type for iOS TCG Emaki "demon War one hundred." Price is 350 yen (special price). Compatible models, the third generation 3GS/iPod touch iPhone (except for the 8GB model or later) / iPad. Supported OS 4.3.5 or later.

Emaki "demon War one hundred" is third in the series "Emaki War" cut to protect the general from the enemy army placed freely a card, come and attack the other. The motif of the world of "scandalous scene scroll", the card of famous military commanders, such as "Taira no Kiyomori," Tachiya "Mononoke various" appeared about 150 large and small.

In the game, with a special ability card every time you play that could be used to acquire one. In the card can be acquired, as well as card system "specter" appeared to produce a large number of various variations of the deck, can be freely set and alter ego of his generals. Also, collect the loot, such as "Qian Song" and "Buddha Amitabha" to win online matches, or free shrinkage Gacha, the card can be purchased at the corner shop.

In addition, the redesigned system map of the play is for one person. Map of Japan that we go next and dyed As you clear the stage, at the end of each area is a large Mononoke hinder the way for the player. Each stage is also equipped with an endless mode.

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