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This game is education for child about corruption. It is a basic game that uses touched locations of the display since goals regarding smoke bombs to be able to raid the particular runaway rats. This game symbolizes share regarding Fahma-Hania Team (the Youngest Developers on earth 2011, according to a German Journal: Freund von Freunden) to be able to anti-corruption motions around the globe, particularly in establishing countries, like ours.

Talking about "Teens against Corruption" booklet published simply by KPK Indonesia, the game contains comics/illustrations that exemplify several virus ridden activities often done by teenagers.

This game is targeted for children and their mom and dad. Following enjoying, mom and dad can describe the particular virus ridden activities the children must keep away from. Children can point out to mom and dad to stop corrupting, simply by imagining of the bad fate (jailed) when they are found by the authorities.

Did you know that you will still find plenty of corruptors, particularly in establishing countries, stealing government's money that is originally meant for improvement? They use the money to enrich them selves and their relatives, neglecting and also sacrificing many other people. Normally they will take away a portion of government budget so that the quality of the goods or services for that people is reduced. The school buildings, streets, bridges, vehicles, medicine, and so on are usually regarding low quality and easily broken, sometimes causing deaths. Several worse corruptors also rob the food regarding giving the particular hungers, departing those to dying. The particular corruptors are often much worse than rats, the particular parasitic animals that individuals embrace in the game.


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