UberSocial for Twitter Android

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This is Twitter client for Andoid. Get Tweet on the run with the functions you like and more. UberSocial: With the amount of simple-to-use functions, it’ll give you a sense of feeling as an octopus along with eight switzerland military kitchen knives.

Key Features:
Inner Circle: Don’t miss Tweets from your BFFs
-- Create a "favorite users" list and save yourself hassle searching for their Tweets in your timeline.
-- Tired of hearing about a certain topic? Mute hashtags or users for a period of time. Like, forever.
Menu Customization
-- For quick & easy access, add your most-used features to the UberMenu.
Facebook and Gchat status Cross Posting
-- Connect your app to post Tweets to Facebook or edit your status on Gchat. One simple step.
Multiple Accounts
-- Have a split personality? So do we. Seamlessly manage multiple social accounts all in one place.
Conversation View
-- Stay atop the conversation better by seeing the previous Tweets and replies for a given chat; really know who's said what so far.
-- View rich media in real-time. Check out links, videos and images in your main timeline without having to leave the app.


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