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Tracker Smurf joins the particular community! Place lower Tracker’s cauldron to be able to participate in his or her soup events to be able to make benefit xp regarding everything you do until the soup works out there. Full his or her checklists to be able to make even more benefit xp until the ending of the event.

Feature Smurfs' Village 1.1.1a:

- More Lucky Smurf items can be found!
- We’ve added seashell hut customizations to Architect’s Hut Shop
- Smurfs can now lay down on certain items including air mattresses for the island
- Lots of fun new nature based decorations
- Lots of new quests
- A new southern land expansion is available on the island
- Level 48 has been added to the game
- Lots of bug fixes and optimizations including speedier load times when travelling to and from the island

Download Smurfs' Village

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