Download Tiny Village 1.13 for Android

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Tiny Village

Boost dinosaurs, create beneficial shops and complete awesome quests in your own prehistoric community! When you convert your current tiny community in to a bustling nation, upgrade your Magic Rock and roll to be able to unlock new buildings, amazing interior decor and the incredible Wonders of the World. Then show it off for the thriving Tiny Community neighborhood when you tip, reveal and make new close friends

- Play for FREE forever
- Free WEEKLY UPDATES: new dinos, new stores, new decorations
- Hatch your very own DINOSAUR PETS
- Fuse dinosaurs together to discover RARE SPECIES
- Get unique shops, decorations that animate in your village
- Buy and sell your resources on the active TRADE MARKET
- Tip, trade and share gifts with a community with MILLIONS of players
- Become a Tiny Village fan on Facebook and Twitter to get all the latest news about weekly FREE game updates!

Download Tiny Village

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